For the design and application of infrastructure projects, characterizing and assessment of groundwater and soil conditions are of critical importance. Similarly, understanding geological features that pose potential risks to humans, infrastructure and the environment is crucial to ensure adequate design and reduce their effects. Our experienced geophysical team has the potential to provide detailed visual solution near the surface with the best and reasonable financial cost for engineering companies worldwide. Properly characterizing the ground water surface and including this information in the early stages of your project can significantly reduce the associated cost and time.

Sismik Yansıma ve kırılma çalışmasının sondaj verileri ile gösterimi
Engineering Applications
  • Engineering Applications
  • Foundation rock depth
  • Bedrock engineering parameters – (Vp, Vs, poisson ratio, slip module etc.)
  • Determination of fault and karst structures
  • Water table depth
  • Dam stability
  • Dam leak
  • Dam flood embankment assessment
  • Barriers to construction
  • Landslide and slope analysis
  • Permafrost (frozen soil) thickness and hardness
  • Soil and bedrock characterization under active rivers
  • Abandoned mine area
  • Terk edilmiş maden sahaları
Geophysical Methods
  • Seismic reflection and refraction (2D and 3D))
  • Seismic MASW, MAM, SASW, UMASW (2D and 3D)
  • Electrical Methods
  • GPR
  • Electromagnetic
  • Gravity
  • Magnetic
  • Jeofizik kuyu logu