Seismic methods measure the elastic properties of soil and stone, a function of physical properties such as seismic velocity, density and shear modulus. Enerson Engineering uses a variety of seismic methods to a variety of problems including high resolution reflection, refraction, tomography, active and passive MASW, UMASW, MAM, borehole and crosshole seismic and marine applications. We specialize in returning the entire waveform to shallow seismic applications to mapping fractures, faults and karstic cavities.

2D MASW çalışması
Typical Applications of Seismic – Engineering Method
  • Oil and gas research
  • Marine applications
  • 2D and 3D Imaging
  • Bedrock topography
  • Water table depth
  • Overburde thickness
  • Detachable of the main rock
  • Fractures, faults and gaps
  • Dam and dam set assessment
  • P and S Wave velocity for dynamic module calculations
  • Characterization for geotechnical and civil engineering projects
Hibrid Sismik ile Gravite Modeli
Hibrid Sismik ile Gravite Modeli