Characterization of underground, groundwater and soil conditions is an important component in assessment of environmental and field improvement projects. We are using geophysical methods for implementation of environmental projects including mapping of environmental hydrology, field contamination degree, preferred pollutant paths, location of buried residues and related objects. Enerson’s geophysical solution package provides fast and detailed technical information for the environment and engineering companies with reasonable and the best financial cost. When the site characterization is included in the early stages of your project, geophysical research can significantly increase your site understanding and help maximize the overall site monitoring and/or improvement approach.

Rüzgar gülleri için zemin sağlamlık tespiti, jeofizik radar (gpr) çalışması
Environmental Applications
  • Determination of underground wastewater storage sites,
  • Determination of soil and groundwater pollutant areas and leaks
  • Boundaries of landfills, ditches and Waste Pits
  • Embedded objects (pipes, fuel Yanks, etc.)
  • Determination of unexploded ordnance
  • Determination of the boundaries of fresh-salt water regions
  • Determination of underground wastewater storage sites
  • Determination of dam and Lake leaks
  • Detection of underground cavities
  • Determination of chemical waste sites
  • Determination of household waste sites
  • Preparation of various geotechnical maps
Geophysical Methods
  • Seismic Refraction Tomography
  • Electrical Methods (VES+ERT)
  • GPR
  • Electromagnetic
  • Magnetic
  • Geophysical Well Log