Enerson Geophysical Exploration Company provides full service in various aspects of geophysical exploration with the implementation of innovative technologies. Enerson provide services in data collection in the field, processing and interpretation of the collected data and preparing reports according to the international standards, using the high-end model-data collection devices and advanced computer programs.

In addition to IP/R, gravity, magnetics, electromagnetic (TEM, CSAMT, AMT & MT), shallow seismic reflection/refraction/MSAW/REM surveys, Enerson is also supplying ERT, UAV magnetic surveys and geophysical well logging services.

The purpose of Enerson is to collect the highest quality data in the field, process and interpret the collected data in the best way, and reveal the potential of the field most accurately.

Enerson also offers consulting for third parties regarding geophysical surveying and investigation projects, within Turkey and overseas projects.

Our services in the field of geophysical investigation and surveying are carried out professionally according to international standards, while maximum care is taken to protect the interests of the customer with a minimum profit margin.

Enerson completed many gravity, land magnetic, drone magnetic, CSAMT-AMT-TEM- MT, IP/R, Seismic Reflection/Refraction, MASW and ERT projects in Turkey, Peru, Laos, Sudan, Djibouti, Saudia Arabia, Pakistan, İran, Central Asian and Balkan Countries. Enerson performed surveys for many companies including Teck, Alridge, Tumad, Eurosaian Minerals, Stratex, AMDL, Centerra, Fronteer, Columbus Copper, MMG, Oksut, Lundin, Tigris, Esan, Kale Maden, Polat Maden, Park Enerji, Taşyapı, Koza Gold, Dimin, Erdemir and many more in Turkey, Amanta Resources in Laos, War Eagle in Peru, Euromax, Dundee Precious Metals, Balkan Minerals, Asarel, Mundoro in Bulgaria, South Danube, Avala Resources, Tilva Resources, Reservoir Minerals, Stara Planina Resources, Reservoir Minerals, Dunav Resources, Rio Tinto, Medgold, Metalfer, Tethyan, Eldorado in Serbia, Tara Resources, Monte Mine in Monte Negro, Thrace Minerals in Greece, MT Mining in Sudan, Şişecam in  Bosnia-Herzegovina, Reservoir Minerals in Macedonia, Eldorado in Kosova, Punjab Minerals in Pakistan Assystem in Saudi Arabia, and Natural Resources Ministry in Djibouti. For more detailed information about our completed mining and geothermal projects in Turkey and overseas please visit the references section.

Enerson started drone magnetic surveys two years ago. Completed more than 4000 line-kms of drone magnetic surveys in Turkey. Enerson uses the Geometrics Magarrow magnetometer for drone magnetic surveys. At the heart of the system is Geometrics latest MFAM laser pumped atomic magnetometer with 1000Hz sample rate. With such a fast sample rate, surveys can be completed at speeds up to 10 m/s with samples collected every 1 cm. The sensor is completely self-contained with internal GNSS and IMU for precise measurement timing and measurement compensation respectively.

Enerson is also very powerful in geophysical well logging services. Enerson have 5 trucks equipped with cutting edge logging equipment working throughout Turkey, Serbia, Bulgari and Pakistan. Enerson can log following parameters: Dual Density, Gamma Ray, Spectral Gamma, Neutron, Fullwave Sonic, Acoustic Borehole Televiewer, Optic Borehole Televiewer, Magnetic, Cement bond log, DLL Resistivity, Sp, CCL, Conductivity, Temperature.

Enerson is offering top quality services with very competitive prices. If you have any questions or need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.