UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) magnetic survey systems, we scan your area by obtaining high-resolution aero-magnetic data in a short time with low cost and simple operation and identify the points where mineralization is intense. It is one of the most popular methods used especially in steep and difficult terrain conditions.

In last two years, we have done more than four thousand line-kms of drone magnetic surveys in all over Turkey, Middle East and Balkan countries.


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UAV Magnetic Survey Geometrics MagArrow Sensor Enerson/TURKEY
DJI Matrice 600 Pro/DJI Matrice 600

Drone Systems We Use


  • Industrial Use
  • Professional Video
  • Charging 6 Batteries At Once
  • Maximum Performance
Functional Characteristics

360 Degree Somersault: None

Headless Mode: Yes

Follow Me: Yes

Obstacle Sensor: 5-Way

FPV: Yes

Movable Gimbal: 3-Axis Gimbal

Accident Protection: Yes

Auto Homecoming (RTH): Yes

Automatic Route Tracking: Yes

Fixed Altitude: Yes

Single Key Landing: Yes

Single Key Departure: Yes


Civil Aviation Permit: Requires

Control Features

GHZ: 5.8 GHz

Channel: 10 Channels

Application Control: Yes


Weight: 10kg battery: 4500 mAH LiPo

Size: 61cm-70cm

GPS mode: yes

Camera: 4K

Maximum speed: 45kmp-65kmp

Flight distance: 6500m-7000m

Flight Time: 31-35 Minutes


DJI Phantom 3

Dji Phantom 3 Professional

Orthophotos and reconnaissance flight,


Maximum speed 52.5 fps / 16 m / s

Max ascent / Descent speed ascent: 16.4 fps / 5 m / s descent: 9.8 fps / 3M / s

Maximum elevation 19.685 ‘/ 6000 m above sea level

Flight time up to 25 minutes (depending on conditions

Geometrics MagArrow/ GEM GSMP-35U/25U
Sensors used and their properties
SensorsModel/BrandAccuracy / PrecisionSampling frequency range
MagnetometerGeometrics Magarrow MFAM – Laser pumped cesium vapor (Cs133 non-radioactive) total field scalar magnetometer2.5 nT / 0.002 nT1000 Hz
Basic magnetometerGEM GSM-190.1 nT10 s