Enerson provides designed shallow and deep geophysical investigation services in various branches of energy sectors including energy surveying, petrol exploration, geothermal studies, solar renewable energy projects, water, and wells injections. We are experienced in the implementation of shallow high-resolution 2D and 3D reflection surveys for small and medium oil exploration projects. We have expertise in planning, logistics management, field operations in environmentally sensitive and difficult terrain and subtle areas.

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Enerson Company designs plans and performs geophysical data collection on a contract basis or as a turnkey service including data processing and interpretation to the map; stratigraphy, hydrocarbon reservoirs, coal bed gas (CBM) formations, coal-based methane, gas storage ships, geothermal reservoirs, abandoned wells and pipelines and other interesting targets.

We are also the pioneer in full-waveform acquisition and processing of reflection and refraction tomography data to mapping deep karstic features and fracture detection.

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