As Enerson Engineering and Geophysical Explorations Company, we provide services mainly in metallic mineral survey, geothermal survey, geotechnical and geophysical archeology survey with our experienced staff and modern technology equipment. We also provide geothermal engineering and consultancy services, including drilling, reservoir engineering and well tests, with our own equipment and staff.

Enerson has completed many mine surveying projects all over Turkey, Pero, Laos, Central Asia and Balkan countries. We have accomplished IP/R, gravity and magnetic projects for several companies in Turkey including Teck, Alridge, Tümad, Eurosian Mining, Stratex, AMDL, Centrra, Frontier, Columbus Copper, MMG, Kale Maden, Royal Road Minerals and many other companies. Our company has also accomplished several overseas mining and geothermal surveying projects in countries such as Peru, Laos, Afghanistan, UAE, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Serbia, Bulgaria, Sudan, Greece, Macedonia and Djibouti. For more detailed information about our completed mining and geothermal projects in Turkey and overseas please visit the references section.

We are providing services in data collection from the field, processing and interpretation the collected data and preparing reports according to international standards, using the highest model data collection devices and advanced computer programs.

The purpose of our company to collect the highest quality data in the field, process and interpret the collected data in the best way, and reveal the potential of the field most accurately.

Do not forget to get an offer from us for your geophysical surveying and investigation projects, within the borders of our country and in all your overseas projects, especially in Central Asia.

Our services in the field of geophysical and geological investigation and surveying are carried out professionally according to international standards, beside that maximum care is taken to protect the interests of the customer with a minimum profit margin.